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For International Customers

We welcome you from far Russia on pages of our small 1/6 scale accessories online store.

Today if you want to, have free time and enough money, you can buy virtually anything.

But when one deals with one sixth scale military miniatures, one understands very soon that not everything is that simple. “Details aren’t of decisive importance, they are everything!” Very often there are either no many accessories for normal kit bash action figures at all, or quality of the available ones is really poor because proportions are wrong. Taking into account size and the required detalization, it’s not always possible to manufacture missing details by hand as it’s very labor-intensive and requires specific skills, materials and instruments.

Bright example is Soviet and modern Russian army. There’s no anything – no badges of rank, no decorations, no equipment, and choice of weapons is very limited. While it’s such an interesting theme! These blank spots, which are unseen by the leading world manufacturers for some reasons and left without their attention, are of huge amount.

Or let’s talk about headsculpts. Those prototypes, which were or are mass manufactured, are quite recognizable and became already too familiar. And what should one do if a custom 1/6 head with typical national features is needed to create a new 1/6 scale custom figure? Everything is relatively Ok when we talk about English, Irish, German or Asian prototypes, but when you try to find suitable custom 1/6 scale heads with Slavic features, it’s turns out that it’s impossible as you have almost nothing to select from. The situation is the same with the most facial expressions/emotions, for example, laugh, fear, anger and so on.

But there are good news too. We live in a wonderful time, when modern 3D technologies rapidly develop and open almost unbelievable opportunities for 1/6 scale modeling. Things, which seemed unreal yesterday, are an integral part of the today’s reality.

We didn’t want to wait and did our best to turn virtual 3D models to actual three-dimensional models. You are to judge the results.

To build 1/6 scale custom figures and 1/6 scale accessories we had to seek a compromise between detalization and functionality. It can be explained with technical specifications of equipment, physical parameters of the material, from which the models are manufactured, labor-intensiveness and economics of the product cycle. We preferred detalization and relatively low price to functionality. But it doesn’t mean that we are unable to make a model of 1/6 scale weapons clastic, just we think that it wouldn’t be in demand at the market currently.

We would be happy, if you like our works!

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16.6 USD

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97 USD

ТТ-33, PM-Makaroff, Nagant-revolver
3.3 USD for any pc

Russian modern special forces 9mm sniper rifle VSS Vintorez
30 USD

Russian WW2 Soviet Army RGD-33 grenade

Brass 1/6 scale shells and cartridges
Available in
.30-06 springfield;
7,92x57 Mauser;
9x19 Luger;
7,62x25 TT;

17 USD for 50 pc

Standart shipping(usps standard analogue) - 10 USD;

EMS - 60 USD to USA;

Only PayPal accepted.